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Air Filter Replacement Services

When was the last time your vehicle’s air filter was replaced? If you can’t remember, you’re not alone. Many vehicle owners simply forget when it comes to completing this maintenance task. However, it’s important to replace a dirty air filter to ensure better gas mileage and vehicle performance. At AAMCO, we recommend our air filter replacement services in Oakland, CA, to maintain your vehicle’s performance.

Trust Your Vehicle to Our Experts!

While a dirty filter can have a huge impact on your vehicle’s lack of performance, there are other parts of the filtration system that could be causing problems too. Two of these parts are the breather element and the PCV (positive crankcase ventilation) valve. The former keeps containments from getting into your engine oil, while the PCV valve reduces air pollution and fumes. Both need service from time to time to protect your vehicle’s engine from premature wear and tear.

At AAMCO, we want your car to run like it was designed to. If you’re having problems with acceleration or notice fuel efficiency issues, stop by our service center to have your vehicle looked at. Our friendly technicians are always happy to help with air filter replacement in Oakland, CA.



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