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Engine Tune Up & Repair Services

Selecting the right auto care and repair shop is important to the performance and long service life you expect from your car. For the last 50 years, AAMCO Total Car Care has provided high-quality, full service maintenance and auto repair at our locations across the U.S.

AAMCO of Oakland provides engine tune-ups and repairs, using state of the art equipment to accurately diagnose any issues. Our experienced and professionally trained auto repair technicians are up-to-date on the latest manufacturer recommendations for repairs and service on a majority of vehicles, and will perform repairs in the most cost-efficient way.

We offer a wide range of car maintenance and engine repair services in Oakland, including:

  • Battery maintenance and charging
  • Vehicle air conditioning issues
  • Check engine light services and repairs
  • External and computer diagnostics
  • Expert transmission services
  • Brake services
  • Professional engine repair

AAMCO also offers complete engine tune-up services, which include:

  • Initial Vehicle Check (IVC) of your car’s critical systems
  • Spark plug wire and distributor cap check
  • Spark plug replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Timing and idle speed adjustments
  • Throttle inspections
  • Comprehensive performance and drivability checkup

Whether you need a tune-up or a major engine overhaul, AAMCO is the best choice for full service auto care. Don’t put off those recommended maintenance tasks or ignore that strange sound coming from your engine. Call and schedule an inspection or diagnostic check with AAMCO of Oakland today!



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