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Transmission Repair and Rebuilding

Transmission problems are the types of vehicle issues you want to catch early. The longer you wait, the more likely the cost will escalate. AAMCO is the leader in transmission repair and rebuilding in Oakland, CA. We work on transmissions every day. If you notice any of the following problems, swing by our shop today:

  • Delay in shifting
  • Car shaking at any speed
  • Slipping or jumping when shifting into gear
  • Transmission fluid leaking from the vehicle
  • Fluid is foul-smelling or dirty when you check the transmission dip stick
  • Screeching, clunking, or other unusual sounds coming from the vehicle
  • Manual gear shift is hard to move into gear; requires force

Any of these issues are a sign of transmission problems that require immediate attention. You may need a transmission fluid change, or the issue may be more complex.

When you bring your vehicle to an AAMCO location, we’ll perform complete diagnostic services on your vehicle. Our technicians will remove the transmission so we can get a better look at all its parts. We’ll replace any part that is damaged and then perform a road and lift test to ensure everything is working well. We will also top your car off with clean transmission fluid.

We know the words “transmission repair” can be scary. When you work with one of our specialists, we guarantee that you’ll find the process isn’t that bad. Call or stop by today to learn more about our transmission repair and rebuilding in Oakland, CA.



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